Kurdistan Medical and Scientific Federation

Since 1988, the Kurdish medical and scientific professionals in the UK have provided continuous support to the institutions of higher education in Kurdistan, and have played an important role in promoting Kurdish human rights. Most of this support and activities have been through established organizations or committees, namely, Kurdish Scientific and Medical Association (KSMA), Support Committee for Higher Education in Iraqi Kurdistan – UK (SCHEIKUK), Kurdish Academic Network (KAN) and Kurdistan Medical Association (KMA). 

In recent years, and following the expansion of the number of universities in Kurdistan and also the increasing number of Kurdish doctors and academics in the UK, the Kurdish professional organisations felt the need to get together in order to enhance their productivity and to make their efforts more unified and highly efficient. Subsequently a General Meeting was held in London in January 2005. This meeting was attended by over 120 Kurdish doctors and academics/scientific professionals in the UK from the above named organisations.

 Participants agreed to restructure the existing medical and scientific organisations under one umbrella organisation (a Federation), which would incorporate one medical association (now the Kurdish Medical Association – KuMA) and one scientific association (Kurdistan Scientific Association – KSA). It was also agreed that the new structure would eventually replace all the previously existing organisations.

At a subsequent meeting in June 2006, the name Kurdistan Medical and Scientific Federation (KMSF) was agreed for this new umbrella organisation. It was also agreed that SCHEIKUK would come under KMSF.

KMSF activities are overseen by a Board, the membership of which is defined by KMSF constitution.

Our main objectives